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The most detailed blog pages

Browse the most detailed blog pages, updated on a daily-basis.

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Create your list of blogs

Create your own list of blogs, automatically keep all their information up to date and share them easily.

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The latest and the best case studies

Find your competitors’ case studies in just two clicks and launch your own campaign.

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Fashion and blogs move fast, here are updated lists of the best blogs and influencers.

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A powerful tool, allowing you to save time searching only for what is relevant to you

You're looking for beauty blogs, which talk about nail art in France and have between 4K and 15K followers - you'll get a list of relevant blogs in less than 30 seconds.

You're looking for a German men's lifestyle blog, written in English - you'll get a list of relevant blogs in less than 30 seconds.

You're looking for Women's magazines in Spanish, which focuses on streetstyle and that have over 5K fans on Facebook - you'll get a list of relevant blogs in less than 30 seconds.

So much more than a url

Each page gives a description of the blog, with daily-updated details about its social network audience, main themes, languages and contact details.

Create a list, sit back and let it update

Easily create your own list of blogs with no hassle. Follow their audience and add personalized tags to each of them.

Get everyone in on the action

Find the tools that will help you quickly share and save your listing on dropbox, and export them as an excel file or powerpoint.

Contact and take control of the conversation

Easily contact the selected bloggers and manage all of your conversations thanks to the comment box.

Get Inspired

Browse the latest case studies with all the data from your competitors. Check our curated lists of blogs, updated daily. Campaygn is made for creative brands looking for inspiration to create the highest quality content possible.

Check our curated lists of blogs, updated daily

To help you, we selected for you the best blogs and the most creative bloggers, based on themes relevant to you and the fashion world.

Check our selections of the most relevant blogs & bloggers!

Designed to meet your needs

Campaygn has been created to fulfill all your needs, from researching influencers to finding the best blogs to display your banner ads and start a new campaign.

Human after all

Identify who exactly it is hiding behind the blogs, thanks to the blogger pages. Find all the bloggers' social networks and contact details and quickly preview their last posts and articles.

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